Home Buying 101


Today we discuss all the steps involved in Buying your 1st Home


Dumbing Down The Mortgage Buying Process


We discuss buying a home in a way that EVERYONE can understand

NEW Mortgage Programs for 2019


On today’s show, we go over NEW Mortgage Programs to help MORE people buy or refinance.

How To Remove PMI from your mortgage


On this show, we will discuss options on how to get your PMI removed from your Mortgage.

Mortgage Programs Using Leases ONLY AMAZING Loan for investors


On this show, we discuss how you can qualify for a mortgage on a rental property using LEASES ONLY.

Bank Statement Mortgage Programs ARE BACK in 2019


On this show, we discuss how you can qualify for a mortgage using you personal or business bank statements.  A MUST listen for SELF EMPLOYED borrowers

Conversations with a NEW Home Buyer DOWN PAYMENT


On this show we focus on the Down payments needed for different mortgage loan programs and also the various GRANT PROGRAMS I can offer my clients.

Conversations With A New Home Buyer Credit & Income Eps 24


We discuss the guidelines when it comes to buying a home.  This show focuses on what credit scores are needed and how to calculate the income that is used to get you pre-approved.

Steps To Buying A Home in 2019


Home buying can be very complicated and stressful.  We will walk through what it takes to buy a home in 2019.